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January 27 - February 5

Chicama, Peru


A treasure in the middle of the desert

Chicama was first discovered in 1967 by Hawaiian surfer ‘Chuck Shipman’, when he observed the endless waves from a little airplane window. He was on his way back from the World Surfing Championships in Punta Roca and, just as filmmaker Bruce Brown at that time (Endless Summer), seeking for the perfect wave. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the longest waves of his life. Once back in Hawaii, he send his Peruvian friends a letter about the place. After a long search, they found it. Locals also call the place ‘Puerto Malabrigo’, a little harbour town surrounded by desert and sea, just up north of the city Trujillo. The following years, the little village never really became a big surf attraction and with just a few restaurants, accommodations and shops, it still is a quit and upright surfing destination.