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World's longest lefthander

Luxurious stay

Ride with the Locals

Special culture

Delicious food

Intensive coaching with video 

Surf guiding & road trips

Luxurious and budget option

Professional surf photos


January 27 - February 5

The Surf

From ‘Malpaso’ untill the jetty, locals named all the different sections of the wave; ‘Malpaso’, ‘The Cape’, ‘The point’ and ‘El Hombre’. The point is the best and most famous part of the wave. This part is mellow, breaks on the sand and has a nice vertical wall for endless training of cross steps or turns. Some section are a bit faster than other sections and most of the time, not all sections link together. A 2,2 kilometer wave from beginning to ending is very rare. However, every wave will still be the longest wave you’ll ever surfed. The months November and December are more quiet and have consistent swell, perfect longboarding waves and every day offshore winds.


To experience other breaks around Chicama, we will visit two other surfing spots. Pacasmayo is one of them and is also a very long lefthander close to a colonial town. We will combine a session with a visit and lunch in this charming town.

Huanchaco is not only famous for their annual LQS longboard competition, but also because of the ‘caballitas de totoras’; small thatching boats that are being used for more than 3000 years in order to catch fish and… waves! Huanchaco is a nice and lively coastal town with many peaks for surfing. A good quality beach break.


During seven days, there will be intensive surf coaching by Rubén Fuente and Nienke Duinmeijer. In the mornings there will be coaching in the water. You will be guided in the water and you will get the tips you need to progress in your surfing. At the end of the day everybody can enjoy their free surfing if they want. Both sessions will be captured on camera. The videos and photos will be watched and analysed during three evenings on big screen. A few days these classes will be combined with specific theory classes about topics like cross stepping or board knowledge.

Renting boards

If you like to leave your board at home and rent one in Chicama, that is possible. There are longboards in different sizes and types. If you like this option, we will send you the ‘quiver’, more info and prices.

Photos and videos

Local photographer Wilson Flores is hiding in the desert behind his camera to capture all the action in the water. All material will be shown on big screen and during three evenings we will analyse them. All the photos and videos will be send to you for free.