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  • Amazing location

  • Exclusive trip

  • Off the beaten track

  • Good food

  • Incredible surf

  • Rich culture

  • Surfcoaching & guiding

  • And a lot of fun

From €1395,-

March 12 - 24 2017

Sri Lanka

               All levels

18+ / Max. 8 people

Two spots with surfsafaris



Sri Lanka is well known because of its mellow waves and therefor it suits surfers of all levels and offcourse longboarders. The first six nights we will stay in Meddawatta, a consistent beachbreak with several peaks right in front of our stay. Meddawatta is perfect for longboarding on small conditions, but even when it gets bigger it is still mellow and a long wave. The second location is a secret spot (see photo) with a long lefthander for advanced surfers and a playfull beachbreak on the other side of the bay. We will stay right on the beach of this little paradise. What more could you desire?


We provide coaching for everybody who wants to get tips and advice in and out of the water. The coaching takes place in small groups so we can give you personal tips while analyzing videos and during the watersessions. Wheter you want to learn a drop knee turn or progress in your paddling ability; coaching is suitable for every level. Next to this, we will do theory classes, watch a classic surfmovie on a big screen and everybody gets his or her own professional surf photos to take home.